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An after-school music program tailored to teaching music technique, stage performance, and everything in between.

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What is Performance Academy?

Performance Academy is an after-school music training facility for students in grades 1-12, college, and adults. We offer instruction during Fall and Spring Semesters and at our annual Summer Camp. 

Students can enroll in vocal, band instrument, piano, percussion, or guitar during Fall and Spring semesters. Dependent on which track of instruction they choose, they can also pick if they want to join the "Technique" or "Performance" side of that track. Students who enroll in "Technique" will end each semester with a recital. Students who enroll in "Performance" will end each semester with a Finale Show.

For more information about Performance Academy, please contact our office.

Image by Jason Rosewell

Lessons With an Array of Instruments and Voices

At Performance Academy we offer instruction in piano, percussion, band instrument technique, band instrument performance, vocal technique, and vocal performance.