"I have known Mrs. Lynn McAllister all her life and I have witnessed her exceptional character and initiative.  Her work ethic is second to none.  Mrs. McAllister started the Marion County High School Performance Academy that boasted 30-50 members.  Under her tutelage, our high school has received region and state literary titles in vocal competitions.  

The citizens of Marion County as well as the students, the faculty, and the administration of our school system have the utmost regard for her professional expertise."


Former Superintendent


"I have had the pleasure to attend several live productions presented by the Marion County High School Performance Academy in Buena Vista, Georgia.  As founder, producer and director of the academy, Mrs. McAllister has provided expert musical training and performance opportunities to the students of Marion County.  In just two years of GHSA Literary competition, Mrs. McAllister produced an impressive list of Region and State Champions.

Boys Quartet, 2014 State Champions, 2014 Region Champions

Boys Quartet, 2013 State Champions, 2013 Region Champions

Girls Trio, 2014 Region Champions

Boys Solo, 2014 State Champion, 2014 Region Champion

 Mrs. McAllister’s unique ability to develop talent has brought statewide recognition to our district, including an outstanding special performance by the MCHS State Champion Quartet for the Georgia House of Representative at our State Capitol. 

 Our community has been blessed with the volunteer efforts of Mrs. McAllister, and we are proud to call her our own.  Her expertise as a vocal director is second only to her love of music and passion to teach, and she has been a true source of motivation and inspiration to the students and citizens of Marion County."


138th District


"My children (all 5 of them) were active in the Performance Academy when it was associated with the Marion County School System. Lynn has a way of seeing the talent that is hidden within each young person with whom she works and developing that talent into something amazing! She has had a positive and lasting impact on each of my children, and I credit her and her program with helping them grow into the outstanding individuals they are becoming. The lessons that they learned in Performance Academy will be used throughout their lives, whether or not they decide to perform professionally as adults. Lynn not only sees the potential in each person she works with, but she also enables them to see their own potential. In doing that, she really is helping to "create tomorrow's stars today!"


Parent of (5) Founding Members


“Lynn McAllister is the definition of professional. From the way she handles herself, to her experience and knowledge in music, she is the most qualified person I know to develop those musical talents of the next generation. She not only wants to build her students musical abilities, but she wants to build meaningful, lifelong relationships with those students. Mrs. Lynn has a genuine heart for students with a passion for the arts and was a primary encourager for my love of music and still is almost 7 years later. Words can’t express how big of an impact she has had on my life and countless others. Not only did she grow me and my peers as performers, but she grew us as people. The experience that I gained from her is priceless and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”


Founding Member
Audio Editor
Sound Tech


"My family moved from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, back home to Buena Vista, Georgia, the summer before I started high school.  Until then, I had been in different theatrical environments which nurtured my talent and love for the arts. Upon registration for freshman year at MCMHS, I learned that no arts program was in place other than the marching/concert band and one act play.  My mom, Lynn Moon McAllister, realized that if I needed a music program in school, many of my classmates may need one too; so, not surprisingly, she took it upon herself to meet with the Board of Education in hopes of starting a program!   This meeting gave birth to the MCMHS Performance Academy.  Now MCMHS had a place where students could recognize and develop their talents, whether it be singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument, or even producing. This program opened a door of artistic possibilities never before seen by students in our community. 

The Performance Academy soon became the musical training center for MCMHS students who wished to participate in the GHSA Literary Competition.  The highlight of my high school career was my participation in the MCMHS Boys Quartet, comprised of myself, Jake Hess, Jordan Moses and Luke McMurry.  Our training in Performance Academy, under my mom's supervision, lead to (2) GHSA Region Championships as well as (2) GHSA State Championships; and, we traveled around the south, promoting our school and the MCMHS Performance Academy. We were featured as an opening act at Country Tonite Theatre and the Smith Family Theatre in Pigeon Forge; we performed a pre-game show at the Knoxville Smokies Baseball Stadium; we recorded a two song cd; but, our most memorable performance was at the State Capitol in Atlanta.  We sang two songs to our Governor and the House of Representatives and left the chamber to a standing ovation! 

The entire cast of the academy also had the opportunity to perform on the road.  We were featured at the Georgia State Fair, and also performed as the opening act at Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, TN.

The MCMHS Performance Academy did so much to develop my character, my talent, and my passion for the arts, as it undoubtedly did for everyone else in the program. It was truly a blessing for which I am so thankful . . . to the Marion County BOE for sponsoring the program, but most importantly to my mother for pledging her time as a volunteer to bring the program to life.

I am excited for the upcoming talent in my home town to have access to my mom's instruction.  Performance Academy, as it is now named, will be a tremendous asset to Marion and surrounding counties; and, I am confident that the new generation of academy members will learn much and grow more . . . just as much as we founding members did in the program's early beginnings."


Founding Member
Elite Vocalist
Elite Dancer
Student Choreographer


“By far The biggest highlight on my high school experience was the quartet and performance academy. Mrs. Lynn is the best instructor anyone could ask for. She taught me how to take my singing to the next level and showed me how to become a better performer. She also made sure we pushed ourselves to put on a show we could all be proud of. On top of everything she made it fun, exciting, and something I looked forward to everyday. I can’t wait to see what the new performance academy has to hold!"


MCMHS Performance Academy
Founding Member
Elite Vocalist
State Champion Quartet 



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